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I’m back for a little posting today. It’s great to have a Friday that’s truly off. It’s a beautiful Minnesota fall day in an unseasonably warm month of November.
Maybe this year’s Thanksgiving will call for a game of baseball or football in the great outdoors free of snow, rain, cold and yucky weather.
Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving holiday will be a great one for you.
God’s blessings always!



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Saw this on That’s Right and loved it.

Ok, it’s been ages since I’ve made a post here. Lots has happened since my post in June. I finished the class I was taking and I’ve started another class this Fall semester.
I continue to work at TRA in the same position I’ve held for ages. I’m still contemplating retirement, but don’t feel I can pull the trigger on that at this time. Stay tuned on that.
On September 19th Penny and I and 200+ other participants did the Liz Logelin Foundation walk around Lake Calhoun in memory of Liz and in support of Matt and Madeline. Then on Sunday the 20th we attended the foundation’s gala at the Calhoun Beach Club in Minneapolis.
Last weekend Penny and I joined Jeff at a Biggest Loser taping for Jeff’s friend’s father and sister. Look for us when this family segment gets started in January.
Meanwhile the class I’m in is beckoning me now because I have an assignment to complete for Wednesday evening’s class.
Guess that’s all for now folks. God’s blessing always!

February 2009 San Francisco visit

Life is busy indeed and the time for blogging has not really presented itself very well. Blogging time seems to be in the same place as exercise time. Well, maybe it’s ahead of exercise, but it’s a long ways behind everyday things.

Maybe you’d like to leave me a note of encouragement as a comment to this post. Pretty please!

Thanks for visiting. Till a little later,

God’s blessings to you always!

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