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…since I’ve been here. Forgot my password and all.
I’d like to confide, but this is a blank check so I’m not ready to do that right now.
God’s blessings to you all!


I’m hoping I can be a more regular poster on my blog.

Stay tuned to see if it happens.  OK???

Did you start the new year right? Are you sticking with it?

The Blog

One of the strengths of is the community — a global network of users, learning from one another and supporting each other. Earlier this month, Michelle shared blogs within the mental health community, and we’ll continue to highlight blogs that promote health and wellness. Today, let’s take a look at blogs focused on exercise, fitness, and healthy eating. (As a bonus, we’ve included steps on how to use our new recipe shortcode, which might be handy for those of you with food and recipe blogs.)

Exercise and fitness

You’ll find many bloggers writing about exercise and fitness in the Reader. Personal trainer Ariana Dane offers general advice on exercise and nutrition at Living a Balanced Life that is motivating but realistic: from skipping new year’s resolutions to slowing down and being mindful of what causes you stress when it comes to weight loss.

Over at Fit…

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June 28th is forever my mom’s birthday. 

Born in 1900, she would be 113 today; but sge passed away in 1987.Image

this is why I’m here – apple juice.

Here we go.  I hope you like this too!

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